Youth leaders set course for action in 2018

Photo above: ArtWell Youth Leadership Council and Norris Square Youth Advisory Kick Off and Orientation Meeting (Part 1).

On Wednesday, December 13, youth leaders from ArtWell and the Norris Square Neighborhood Project ( met for the conclusion of their two-part kick off and orientation meeting. The newly formed group – consisting of ArtWell’s Youth Leadership Council and Norris Square’s Youth Advisory – met for the first time and for the first half of their joint orientation on November 29.

Among the tasks and responsibilities tackled during their orientation: establishing community guidelines that will help facilitate their 2018 meetings and action projects, goal-setting through a starbursting activity, and interview poems as part of community building among themselves.

Check out some of the goals and thoughts of these young leaders eager to energize their peers and communities:

People and groups we want to benefit: youth, people within the community, everyone and anyone open to learn, artists not socially accepted as artists

Skills we want to learn: leadership, public speaking, networking, artistic expression/applicationcollaboration skills/facilitation

Places we can take trips to to learn more: arts and culture museums, concerts, nature

Why our group is important: help with growth and development of skills, helps other feel welcomed, encouragement to take action, take initiative, youth are DOPE and have a message to share with the world!

Ways we can impact our community: collaboration, help teens and those who don’t have voice, more public art with social impact, make every space and interaction a safe space

An excerpt from a poem by youth leader L’Tajh C.:

This world, created by enlightenment, fueled by
Power of knowledge, intellect encompassing stars
Inhabitants cherish the strength and intellect of each other…

Amplifying Youth Voice in 2018
The result of concerted efforts in 2017 by participants, staff, and board members to strengthen and amplify youth voice and leadership at ArtWell, the new youth-powered alliance between ArtWell and Norris Square now stands to represent a transformative way to share resources, model strength through inter-dependence, provide youth with equitable compensation and increased opportunities, and connect across communities and neighborhoods for greater impact.

Starting on January 17, ArtWell and Norris Square youth leaders will meet every other week until the end of May 2018.