We can do it better!

College-bound students leaving us inspired with this collective poem from their boot camp at the Advocate Center with ArtWell teaching artists:

I can share my own opinion,
We can respect each other’s viewpoints even if we don’t agree.
I can learn,
We can learn at our own pace.
I can create change,
We can make an impact.
I can give back to my community,
We can give back to the community.
I can have my own views,
We can stand up for what we want.
I can help make a way for the less fortunate,
We can donate.
I can feel comfortable in my own skin,
We can accept people for who they are.
I can help those in need,
We can give others things that we no longer need.
I can be a safe place for anyone who needs me,
We can be kind and provide comfort to those around us.
I can give the community more than what it gave me,
We can make an impact.
I can do it,
We can do it better!

The poem by 11th and 12th grade students from Philadelphia was so uplifting and infectious, the Advocate Center is considering adapting it for their mantra! Learn more about the Advocate Center Summer College Boot Camp here.

Students: Join We the Poets for free at the Advocate Center this Fall
Philadelphia students grades 6 to 8 can join our We the Poets program at the Advocate Center for free this Fall. Explore multiple art forms, including mask-making, poetry, and performance as tools to express your identity and build leadership skills to create positive change through a social action project! We the Poets will take place Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 – 5:30 PM. APPLY