Vote for Our Project on GOODMaker to Help us Receive $2,500 to Fund Our Art of Growing Up Program

Exciting news! We have a new GOODMaker Project for $2500 in order to fund and implement a 14-week Art of Growing Up Program. We need your support to receive the funding to serve more girls and meet this urgent need!

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post by Soraya Chemaly, “New data from a national survey conducted between 2008 and 2010 reveals that between the ages of 12-15, the number of girls experiencing depression triples.”

Additionally, Chemaly states in her article that culture tells women they are not fully human. Cultural messages directed at young girls restrict their personal agency and development by refusing to listen to their expression and instead suppressing their frustration and anger within a culture that sends conflicted messages to young girls, often resulting in depression.

There is a common cultural assumption about young girls is that they perform coyness, they are complicit, and if there is any frustration among U.S. girl culture, then it is directed at one another, but as Chemaly appropriately states, “girls have the right to be angry.” ArtWell can provide a venue for girls to express their frustrations and be empowered to take action, through the Art of Growing Up Program.

The Art of Growing Up gives girls a space to be heard, to creatively envision and healthily express their inner turmoil as they try to navigate what it mean to be a young women in our culture. Coming of age for young girls can be especially stressful and complicated. Depression is assumed to be “just hormones” or a “biological fact” about young girls, but the societal and cultural messages aimed at young girls inhibits healthy growth and contributes to the growing rates of depression among girls. In our Art of Growing Up Program, women elders from various communities welcome girls to adulthood.

A number of local and national ArtWell partners have requested our program. The only thing inhibiting implementation is funding, so now with our new GOODMaker project, we have the opportunity to assist girls in the ritual of growing up, in developing a sense of their own identity, and explore issues facing young girls through a variety of art, including mask-making, dance, poetry, and collage.

We have ten days remaining for you to vote! To vote for our program, please visit this site:  and click “Vote for this idea.”

If you need to register, please remember to validate your email address (you’ll receive instructions after you vote) so your vote gets counted. You’ll see a notification at the top of the screen once your vote has been successfully counted.

Remember, everyone can only vote once, so be sure to also let your friends know and spread the word!

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*Courtesy of the Huffington Post,