Teaching Artists Fall 2016 Orientation

Amazing orientation with our teaching artist cohort today, building facilitation skills and doing hard and important reflecting on our identities, teaching practice and social justice. It’s going to be a great year!

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ArtWell Teaching Artists 2016 Mission Statement

WE can ignite the creative genius in every child
WE can help students discover their own creative niches
WE can make students feel important, heard, seen, known, understood, valued
FOR my students WE are a root, a tree trunk, a flexible, dancing branch
WE can deconstruct narratives
BUILD, sweat, grow
FOR our students, WE can activate new pathways with which they can access new depths within themselves, In this way, they can be more equipped to take on the structures around them
WE will show up, present and mindful, meeting students exactly where they are
WE believe in your voices, imaginations, and truths
WE will provide a safe space for collaborative learning
FOR our students WE will listen intentionally
WE will encourage our students to fall, and be there to pick them up when they do
WE will make mistakes and learn, laugh and hold space to grow
WE will grow in our mistakes and our success, WE will sing in sanctuaries of our own creation
WHAT the students will get is an in depth look into the way they see themselves, WE will be accelerating the self-knowledge, and creating well-rounded expectations of self
TO take the impossible and give it to them, to release their hands and watch them fly
WE want to help my students see themselves through art and music
FOR our students WE will bring hope, love, and learning
FOR our students WE will constantly push ourselves to learn from them & their experiences
WE can grow as a community, WE will grow as individuals, FOR our students WE will encourage them to be the best they can

*This mission statement was generated by ArtWell teaching artists in September 2016 as a collective poem to reflect on their goals for themselves and their students.