We the Poets

The We the Poets® program, ArtWell’s longest running program, builds literacy skills, communication, self expression and fosters a love of a learning through poetry. The We the Poets® curriculum is aligned with state and core standards for grades 1-12 and has been used in Pennsylvania districts for standardized test (PSSAs) preparation tied to literacy comprehension.

Goals and Outcomes:
  • Greater Academic Engagement
  • Improved Writing Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities for Public Presentation
  • Increased Confidence
Photo: Haigen Pearson



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  • We offer fee-for-service options for our workshops, which allow us to ensure a more immediate partnership. We also offer grant-funded workshops at no cost to groups and organizations when available. Paying at the higher end of the spectrum supports ArtWell's ability to provide arts-based programming for youth and to work with other groups/organizations at little to no cost. We are happy to work with your group/organization to figure out strategies to raise/leverage financial resources.
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