EcoArts uses art, poetry, and reflection to engage youth in exploring and redefining what the “environment” means to them. In EcoArts workshops, students will reflect not only how they can impact and care for their surroundings, but how the environment can impact their lives and well being. They will use arts and poetry to imagine the world they want to live in and advocate for environmental justice and sustainability.

Through a $40, 000 2-year grant from from the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church Foundation of the Eugene C. Bay Fund, ArtWell is honored and excited to expand its reach through EcoArts in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Chester, which, under the leadership of Janet Riley Ford, Executive Director, has a wealth of dynamic relationships with partners in Chester that focus on creating sustainable youth development together.

View EcoArts Photos (June 10, 2016)

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  • We offer fee-for-service options for our workshops, which allow us to ensure a more immediate partnership. We also offer grant-funded workshops at no cost to groups and organizations when available. Paying at the higher end of the spectrum supports ArtWell's ability to provide arts-based programming for youth and to work with other groups/organizations at little to no cost. We are happy to work with your group/organization to figure out strategies to raise/leverage financial resources.
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