“Life Like the Song of Souls…”

Here at ArtWell, we believe that the power of the arts can be used as a reminder to appreciate life’s blessings! Through the creative process, we are all given the opportunity to truly reflect on the past, rejoice in the present, and dream for the future.  In the recent weeks, our education director, Cathy, has held poetry workshops at Rhoads Elementary and Al Aqsa Academy where she encouraged the children to write about being alive, their wishes for the future, and their relationships with others.  The poems that resulted were truly special.  We would like to share a few of the poems with you today in hopes that their words will inspire you to take a step back from your daily stresses and celebrate being alive and well in this beautiful world!


Life Like the Song of Souls 

I love the people who made me and
gave me life and took great care of me
until this age or year. I am nine.
I dream of what my grandfather looks like
and what my God looks like
I wish that when I die I would go to the Heaven
I want to see angels and different sources
I stand in good relations to those who love me
I am Zubair.
I am alive and I will be my best.
I’m human like you. I’m heading where you’re heading.
That’s who, what, and where I’m heading and what I am

– Zubair;  Al Aqsa  Grade 3


I stand in a good relation to my family.
I am a feather on the bright sky.
I stand in good relation
to all that is beautiful.
I am the whole dream
of these dreams 

– Jasmine;  Al Aqsa Grade 3