Going Beyond the Art Room

Going Beyond the Art Room
On April 1st, as part of the Moore College of Art & Design 2017 Art Education Spring Symposium, Julia Terry and Kris Smith of ArtWell led more than 100 participants (3 rotating sessions) under the connecting theme of “Fostering Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice through Arts Partnerships.” Julia and Kris shared directly from ArtWell’s experience on partnerships with schools and art teachers through teaching-artist residencies and Professional Development. Participants also experienced hands-on techniques to integrate reflection, social emotional learning, and social justice into arts education. The symposium also included separate sessions with The Barnes Foundation and The Franklin Institute, and a keynote with youth rights and social change advocate Mike O’Bryan.


Moore Symposium Collective Poem
A community so challenged, I can only imagine
To help break the cycle of hopelessness through art?
Is my love enough?

I can let people be their most authentic self
I can be present, patient, and be reminded to listen
I can help create an environment that enables students to blindly build upon one another’s differences to create a combining body

I can create an environment that celebrates diversity.
I can acknowledge our differences, I can acknowledge my privilege, and I can listen and learn
I can create a safe space … I can build community in my classroom… I can be open here

I can strive to be more open about myself with my students
I can find open spaces to express me
I can try to make someone feel like they can share and consider that I have not walked in their shoes

Create a comfort zone that extends beyond art
I can create a space safe for humility and acknowledging differences and encouraging creation
I can open windows of opportunities that might have otherwise stayed closed
I can create more breathing room…

I can support all my students on different paths of life they may travel
I can provide choices
I can help students crystallize their vision to create
I can dream to see this
I can manage my expectations not lower
Try harder

I can help guide my students to claim their individuality and share their voice
We can learn together
I can change “I” to “WE”
To be a part of a group but acknowledge each individual in my group
WE can use art to tap into each individual story
We can make an impact
We can embrace the challenges together
We can celebrate together and honor differences
We can find what we agree on and welcome individuality
We can work hard to be open, accepting and free of judgment in all aspects of our life
Open and non-judgmental

We can listen more to the makers in our rooms
We can create intentional spaces
Be open to other thoughts
We can be open to success in all its forms and celebrate every triumph
We acknowledge, celebrate, honor, and hold space to co-create
Ways to promote inclusion
We can share or visions for an inclusive environment that feels safe and caring

We can make art spaces that are inclusive, not just accessible
We can be aware of accessibility and inclusion
We can create worlds that we want to belong
We can let people be their most authentic self
We can continue to create spaces that foster an environment of inclusive and accessibility if we cannot find them

We can show love and support through positive interactions with all we chance to meet
We can work together to build a better, more positive environment
We can work together as a class to help everyone succeed as unit
We can welcome mistakes as part of our learning process
Create more opportunities for reflection
We can spend time together, make art, have fun and learn together
We can glue the deeper truths through the dawning of cultural celebrations
Redefine the borders and turn them into air

We can model collaborative attitudes
We can continue to collaborate our future
We can celebrate differences
We can model love and inclusion
We can provide voices
We can strengthen hopes and dreams
We can strengthen our communities by loving one another
We can use the arts to fight the change of the unknown