Creative Techniques for Connection, Reflection and Self-Care at Jefferson University

Through poetry, collage and conversation, Jefferson University students experienced ArtWell’s arts-based approach to developing healing relationships and personal practices which can mitigate stress, burnout and secondary trauma.

The “Creative Techniques for Connection, Reflection and Self-Care” workshop was held on November 1 as part of Jefferson University’s Immersion Week.

Participating medical students created the following I Can/We Can collective poem:

I can pour into myself
I can set aside time to take care of me
I can visit the places that make me happy
I can focus on myself so I can be there to focus on others

I can take time to relax during the week
I can ask how are you and wait for a real response
I can listen

We can take time to breathe
And create spaces for ourselves
We can come together to learn
And be inspired

We can look after each other
We can hear each other
We can support each other
We can make a difference and impact the world

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