ArtWell Leaders Convene for Annual Board Retreat

On Sunday, November 12th, ArtWell leaders convened for the annual Board Retreat. We were proud to officially welcome our new members, David Brown, Sara Richmond and Angela Steel, and to spend an afternoon together to focus on building connections to one another and our mission. The board and staff engaged in meaningful activities and generative discussion with the goals of:

  • grounding new and returning board members in shared vision, mission and values
  • connecting our values to actions and board practices
  • developing ambassador and fundraising tools, skills and comfort rooted in ArtWell Values and individual strengths

We ended with a collective poem, charging ourselves with actions/next steps taken away from the retreat. Here is an excerpt:

We will set and reach new goals
We will ground our wishes in action
Ground our work in our context
And ground our perspective in the voice and wisdom of youth

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