April Showers Bring May Flowers…

The holidays are always a great time for friends and family to gather together around the table for good food and even better company.  This holiday season, why not let your guests leave with something more than a full belly, and try out this great craft idea we found from familyfun.go.com as a fun Spring-themed parting gift.
For this craft, you will need

  • Card Stock (any color you like)
  • Seed packets – one for each guest (we recommend using annual seeds such as marigolds, petunias or impatiens as they are easy for beginner gardeners to grow)
  • Scissors, tape and markers

1.      Print this watering can template on a piece of card stock, or feel free to draw other shapes to cut out as well, such as flowers, flower pots, butterflies or even bugs. Any Spring-themed shape will do!

2.      Mark details on the front of the cardstock (as shown in the watering can example) with a colored marker, then cut a horizontal slit across the front.

3.      Slip in a seed packet (add a piece of tape at the back to keep it in place), then write a message on the front if you wish.

4.      Place the finished cards around the dinner table at each guest’s place setting for decoration.

5.      When guests leave, all they need to do is follow the instructions printed on the back of their seed packet to start growing flowers in their own home!

We hope both you and your holiday guests enjoy! And please share your finished products with us by e-mailing photos to Shira@theArtWell.org.