AGL Published in Journal of Applied Arts & Health

The art of growing leaders: Supporting identity and leadership development through arts-based self-expression

Authors: Junkin, Janelle; Kaimal, Girija; Terry, Julia; Smith, Kris
Source: Journal of Applied Arts & Health, Volume 7, Number 3, 1 December 2016, pp. 327-345(19)
Publisher: Intellect

This article presents findings from the evaluation of a year-long urban-school arts programme called the Art of Growing Leaders (AGL). The goals of AGL were to support youth engagement in schools, enhance resilience, improve self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, and support leadership development through selfexpression in visual arts, poetry and narratives. The evaluation study used a quasiexperimental research design measuring student perceptions at baseline, midpoint and end line. The results of the 30-week programme indicated that student perceptions changed most significantly in the ability to describe the artistic process and selfperceived skills in the arts. Qualitative and drawing-based data further indicated that students developed deeper awareness of self, and reported improved interactions with their peers and schools. The project and findings highlight the application of a visual arts programme to support psycho-social development in youth.

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