Teaching Artists

Adina Shapiro

Philadelphia-based photographer and educator, Adina Shapiro, has worked extensively with children, developing and delivering programs that integrate photography and writing. Based on the pioneering work of Wendy Ewald, this photography-based approach empowers her students to create self-portraits and poems that reflect their own personal experiences. Students learn to analyze, interpret and create images as narratives in combination with writing their own poetry. For more information please contact: adinasegal@mac.com. To see Adina’s artwork, please visit: www.adinasegal.com

Alisha Adams

Alisha Adams is a playwright and poet inspired by folklore, oral histories, and moments of cultural encounter. She teaches creative writing as a means to safely explore voice, place, and identity within diverse communities. Through true and imagined stories, she invites students and audiences alike to enter into dialogue and exercise empathy. Find out more at www.alishabethadams.com.

Blew Kind

Blew Kind was born and raised in Virginia then moved to Philadelphia for performance school in 2006. She is a lover of African dance, vibrant music, poetry, history and folklore of the people, and bridging gaps between people groups providing a safe place to explore and deepen. Blew has been dancing since 2008 traveling in troupes, and continues to grow in the practice. She is excited to work with youth, scratching the surface & connecting to rich and beautiful culture through dance!

Jan Jeffries

Jan Jeffries (photo right) often partners with Marcy Francis to lead healing percussion workshops throughout Philadelphia area ArtWell. A lifetime of studying rhythms from around the world has made Jan equally well versed on a variety of hand percussion and kit techniques. She is also an accomplished tap dancer. This accumulated knowledge and diversity of experience has inspired Jan to develop her own interpretation and distinct style—RHYTHM TAPS—her trademark.

Jay Beck

Jay Beck is a percussionist, vocalist, drum-maker, actor and educator who has been performing, teaching, touring and recording professionally for many years. He has performed with numerous groups including Philybloco, Croatan West African Drum and Dance ensemble, Psalters and the Carnival De Resistance. He is the founder of Croatan Studio in Philadelphia which seeks to aid resistance movements and develop reconciliation through studying the artforms and spirituality of oppressed nomadic and indigenous people groups.

Jesse White

Jesse White is a painter, an altered book artist and a poet. Jesse has been a teaching artist with ArtWell for two years. She also serves as the Arts & Spirituality Teacher for Pendle Hill Spiritual Education Center and is the Founder and Director of Pigeon Arts. To learn more about Jesse and her artwork, please visit http://www.pigeon-arts.com.

Joe Brenman

Joe Brenman graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1978. His sculpture work has been in numerous one man and group shows throughout the region, country and world. His public sculptures and murals can be found in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New jersey. His work is also in many private collections.

Kara Rutledge

Kara Rutledge is a visual artist, author and illustrator. Kara works in a variety of mediums, including water color, brush and ink, pencil, pen, and is currently learning the art of ceramics. She is in the process of printing and publishing Jaro and Frog”, a folktale which she wrote and illustrated. Learn more about the book and see her art at jaroandfrog.com

Lee Nussbaum Fogel

Lee Nussbaum Fogel, MA, RSME is passionate about helping people step into their ideal lives by listening to their bodies’ wisdom. Her practice, The Visioning Body, offers group and private programs that support transformative leadership, wellbeing, and creativity through Somatic Movement Education, process-oriented arts, and Reiki. Learn more at www.visioningbody.com!

Marcy Francis

Marcy Francis (photo left) takes a holistic approach to rhythm and music, always seeking to connect the mind, body, and spirit in her work whether playing her bass guitar, singing rock or African music or through giving a massage. In her work with people of all ages, she fosters respect for one’s self and for loving one another. She is proud to have been taught by many noted musicians and singers like Omomola Iyabumni of The Women’s Sekere Ensemble, Baba Ishangi, Alphonzo Cary, Leonard Hubbard, Gerald Veasley, Sandy Day, John Allen, Bob Leslie, Riccardo Martin. She has received outstanding awards for entertainment from the US government for the Mediterranean tour, the European tour, and the Caribbean tour.

Noel Quiñones

Noel Quiñones is an award winning Puerto Rican-American writer, lyricist, and educator whose inner city upbringing has led him to numerous hubs of writing across America. Currently a rising senior at Swarthmore College, Noel works as a teaching artist and youth mentor, teaching workshops on poetry and short story writing from Philly to New York to Boston. Noel is currently spreading himself between work on a poetry chapbook and sci-fi novel. His work has appeared in The Adroit Journal, The Decades Review, and on TEDxSwarthmore. Find out more at elninoquinones.com.

Sara Graybeal

Sara Graybeal is a spoken word artist and a writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She is a founding member of the Poeticians, a spoken word collective based in South Philly, and a member of the Backyard Writers Workshop of West Philly. Sara is dedicated to the use of the creative arts in developing youth voice.